Making of mystic


Program: Adobe Photoshop
Estimated Completion Time: 1 – 2 Hours

Final Product: This is what we’re going to create


Take a blank document with a large size. I took 1200px x 600px. Now create a new shape layer by using your pen tool. Make a pentagon as I have. You may choose to fill it with any color.


Next style the pentagon using the blending options shown below.
Add an inner shadow effect of blue color (distance: 15px Choke:0% Size: 117px).

Fill the layer with given color (#500f56).

Add a stroke of 5px of black (#000000) color.

Add a drop shadow effect with the given settings.

Also add a pattern overlay with a pattern of your choice. You should be left with something like this.


Now, in a new layer paint with a similar purple color using some splatter brushes.You may find some on the internet.

Now make a clipping mask of this layer. You can do so by either alt-clicking on the line between the layers in the layers panel, or right clicking on this layer(splatter) and choosing Clipping Mask.


Next, duplicate the shape layer and remove all the styles except the stroke. Reduce the fill opacity of this layer to 0% and scale the layer to 98% width and 95% height. Change the stroke color to #ffae00.
Do the same for one more layer so you obtain something like this.


Next we make the hanging rods. For this make a new rectangular shape layer of about 8px height and length just more than your drape width.

Add a gradient overlay in the blending options with the given settings.


Next, we make the end caps of the rod. For that make a new layer with height about the same as the rod and width about 15px. make sure only two corners are rounded. Also make a line element as shown below using a pen tool.

The gradient overlay and shadow are as follows.

Now duplicate the end-cap layer and flip it horizontally to get the cap for the other side.
Your rod is almost complete now. The rod and the caps put together should like this.


Now duplicate the rod layer and reduce the length to about 30 px, place it over your rod layer and apply the blending options as shown.

Duplicate the layers keeping them aligned and over the rod, so that you get something like this.


Next we need to make the chains for hanging the rods. i used an image found at

Place it in your document and duplicate the layer. Align them as follows. If the chain length is not enough, duplicate it, and place it so that you get a longer chain as shown.

Apply a levels adjustment to the chain layer as shown.


Add all layers in the document to a new group, duplicate the group and place it above the previous group. Now except the rod and chain layer scale everything down so you get 1 more copy of the drape. In the rod group, reduce the length of the rod, making sure not to change the size of the end caps and overlaying golden strips.


Next we make the ribbons. For this make a shape layer with a pen tool as shown below .(This layer will be referred to as ribbon1 for further use)

Add blending options as shown

Inner Shadow:

Drop Shadow:

Keeping this layer selected, create a new shape layer and place it below the first one. (Keeping this layer selected makes sure that the new layer so formed will have the same blending options) If the layer styles are not applied to these layers, you can do so by right clicking the ribbon1 layer and choosing COPY LAYER STYLE and pasting the layer style on the required layer(s).

Apply a stroke (inner stroke 10px and color #ffa200) to the ribbon1 layer.

Replicate this effect on the other two ribbon layers. On a new layer, take soft brush of a brighter yellow color than the stroke and paint over the ribbon stroke with brush mode as screen, to get a shine as shown.

Add all the layers of the ribbon in a new group and duplicate it. Now flip the group horizontally and place it on the other side of the drape.


Add some text over all these layers. The font chosen here is Trajan Pro. The color of the text is #ffac01.

Add a gradient overlay to give it a golden shine and a drop shadow effect for some depth.


Add a background to your design. I composed this one with some fire and smoke brushes.


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